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Our Designer

Kevin Coker has a professional degree in Architecture (BArch) from the University of Arkansas. His professional affiliations include the National...

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Designing your future home is a process that will take time and effort. Please consider interviewing at least 3 designers...

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Focal Points in Design

GRAND STAIRCASE   The staircase featured here is the focal point of the living room and for my clients was...

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Design with nature, not in spite of it. 

We believe that the 3 most important influences to any residential design are:

Family – Whether a family of one or multi-generational, design for the family now, and 20 years from now.  We are all individual in our character, live uniquely and desire different specific outcomes in both our lives and in our homes.

Site – The site will inform the final design by way of slope, light, air, view, flora, fauna, soils, and other features that are all unique to each site.  A good design responds to the site and seasons in the same way it responds to its family.

Budget– A home’s construction costs are important. Just as important are the costs of operating and maintaining the home; where over 90% of the home’s life cycle costs are found. What HVAC systems cost less to operate and maintain? What building materials have good longevity and require less maintenance? What design elements & materials will create a healthy comfortable home?  Will my home be adaptable to new technologies? Your decisions can create a greater quality of life.